Sno-Isle Libraries Employees United, in affiliation with AFSCME Council 2, supports and advocates for non-supervisory employee members.   

We are dedicated to overcoming decision-making practices that exclude worker voices, building protections from sudden unilateral changes to our jobs, and advocating for practices that ensure Sno-Isle Libraries is truly guided by the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Join us!

"The library is a welcoming place for ALL!" ~Shannon

"Our voices matter." ~Rhianna

"The best investment in our people is an equal seat at the table." ~Ben

"We need better opportunities to advance and have options for more hours and benefits." ~Shelley

"Staff expertise can help build better libraries." ~Marie

"We're the library's greatest resource and we all deserve to be heard." ~Jordyn

"We ALL need a seat at the table." ~Lauren

"Staff deserve to feel safe and welcome in our libraries, too." ~Bitnari

"We're stronger when we work together and EVERYONE has a voice at the table." ~Anne

"Everyone needs a voice for TRUE Equity and Inclusion." ~Amy

"Libraries should be places where Democracy prevails." ~Pam

"I want our day-to-day experiences at work to align with our institutional values." ~Ashleigh

"We work hard for SIL and deserve a stronger say in our working conditions." ~Abby

"Workers rights are human rights." ~Rose Theresa

"It will give a voice to the powerless at Sno-Isle." ~Kim

"A diverse mix of voices at the table leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone." ~Mary

"I am connected to my library." ~Megan

"Staff are stakeholders, too." ~Lorraine

"A seat at the table gives us a say in our future." ~Leah

"We are stronger together." ~Katrina

"We take care of our libraries. Our libraries need to take care of us." ~Katie

"Unity is Strength." ~Michael

"For diverse and inclusive representation." ~Kate

"The library is better when we stand together." ~Lois

"Power sharing builds trust and creates transparency." ~Marissa

"When we are asked to jump, we are expected to say 'How High?' I discovered I would like to negotiate that distance." ~Teresa

"Our needs deserve more than  words!" ~Alexander

"I support my coworkers." ~Ashleigh