Our Letter of Intent

May 19, 2023

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to announce our intent to unionize with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Council 2 as Sno-Isle Libraries Employees United. At SIL, we strive to see that “everyone in our community is connected to their library.” We bring this vision to fruition every day, but too often decisions are made by people far removed from the day- to-day operations of community libraries. We, who are most impacted by these decisions, are rarely consulted. We, too, are library stakeholders.

Through unionizing and securing a legally protected seat at the table, we can forge a collaborative relationship with leadership that affords us equal footing in deciding matters that affect us directly.

Establishing our union will strengthen our voice within our organization, protect our jobs from sudden and involuntary changes, and put us in the position to advocate for changes that will ensure that our organization is truly guided by the principles of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

We ask management to respect our legal right to organize and refrain from spending time or resources on anti-union activities. Furthermore, we recognize that leadership may be moved to make gestures and improvements when they learn we are organizing. While we welcome positive changes in our workplace, we know from long-standing experience that we cannot rely on them to consistently keep our interests in mind. Therefore, we remain resolute in our decision to form our union to advocate for ourselves and each other.

Let’s speak, work, and organize together. Join our union and help build a safer, fairer, more equitable workplace for all non- supervisory staff. Visit www.silemployeesunited.com on your personal device for more information and to sign your Membership Certification Card today.

In solidarity,
Sno-Isle Libraries Employees United

Abby Reveles

Adam Kalmbach

Alex Walker

Alexander Bellairs

Alexandra Vasquez

Amy Potter

Anne Murphy

April Davis

Ashleigh Catlin

Bekah Craig

Ben St. Hilaire

Bitnari Kim

Bridget Sievers

Cami Chun

Cara Freeberne

Catherine Minden

Diana Cook

Emily Fix

Heather Orsen

Heidi Leger

Jannah Minnix

Jennifer Keirans

Jenny Schleusner
Jessica Krill

Jillian Coats

Jordyn Richey

Julie Warth

Karen Marshall

Kate Rodkey

Kate Spencer

Katherine Combs

Kathryn O'Brien

Katie Olsen

Katrina Morse

Kelly Hendrickson

Kim Larson

Larry Norgaard

Lauren Hebert

Leah Adams

Lesla Wolf

Lois Haight

Lorraine Burdick

Lynae Slinden

Mackenzie Whittall

Madeline Fox

Marie Byars

Marissa Burkey

Mary McLaughlin Sta. Maria

Megan Lian

Megan Thurman

Michael Mirgon

Paige Vermillion

Pam Inglesby

Pam Pedersen

Rachel Beckman

Renae Foules

Rhianna McBride

Rose Theresa Booker

Sam Sugars

Shannon Ozog Somes

Shelley Whitkop

Siobhan Carter

Steph Hartford

Tammy Reno

Teresa Evans

Vanessa Atkins